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Smile Is For Free

I remember the day when I heard a knock on the door,
The episode completely changed my life; it swept me off the floor.
“Who can it be? ” I thought when I heard the bang
I lowered the radio volume; X’mas carols is what they sang.
I opened the gate and saw a tainted little boy,
The poor soul was extremely scared to utter, he was very timid and coy.
I took him in asking where he came from and what he wants,
He answered that he doesn’t know where he came from, he doesn’t know about his uncles and aunts.
I further asked, but he knew nothing,
He seemed to have dropped from HEAVEN leaving aside everything.
I gave him some food to eat, while I wondered what to do next,
I tried searching the answers in my mind book, but someone seemed to have edited the text.
I closed my eyes and questioned my heart
I saw GOD in paradise riding on a beautiful horse cart.
It made me realize that perhaps the little boy was an angel
I decided to keep him with me as I was already very friendless and needed someone to mingle.
‘NOEL’ is what I had named him
It was an opportunity given by God to swab all my sins
I gave him all the love, care and affection like my own child,
He was no different from me, he was my pride
Never again did I questioned him about his existence,
I know that he came for me and that’s the reason for his presence.

But one day he suddenly vanished.

I searched him every crook and cleft
Without even letting me know, he just left
He came in my life like a cold breeze on a sunny afternoon
I missed him immensely when I was alone counting the stars and staring at the moon
He made me happy, he made me smile
He made me realize that life is really worthwhile.
I felt like pouring my heart out in his absence
But I knew he wouldn’t like it as I always chuckled and giggled in his attendance
15 years of my life passed like minutes holding his tender hands,
I opened my hand now and just see specks of slithering sand
Never did I think that he will leave me in such haste
He added salt to my life, previously it had no taste

He wasn’t with me but still close to my heart, FOREVER

But even before he left
He taught me a very important lesson
enjoy it in every moment of your occurrence.

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An outstanding poem Neha.....yes it is important to remember that a smile can change someone's life and it is for free....10
ur poem is outstanding.. and ur smile is lovely and brilliant =) .. great poem