Smile Is Important

At someone to smile and face to see!
It is so simple, free and trust-worthy! !

Say hello with a smiling face!
Promote good attitude in your place! !

Many show up own authority!
With their angry moods, very dirty! !

Developing mental health is so important!
First do it in own establishment! !

If you are moody, you under estimate you!
Enlighten sentiment and broaden your view! !

The Moon smiles and beautifies the dark night!
Don't remain dark and do what is right! !

What's up and what is the case?
Show others that you belong to human race! !

A little smile keeps folks young and healthy!
With clean environment and no more filthy! !

If you smile, you can give justice!
It brings rationality, good thinking and peace! !

by Chan Mongol

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