Smile When It Rains

My mama was the first to teach me...
I can always be a better man.
And doing that at my own expense.
Never to forget...
God made me to wear the pants!

And 'if' I decided in my life,
To experience any aspect of change...
Challenging my brain.
Nothing conscious that I did,
Should to me be excusable.

If I was not prepared to stand tall...
Upfront and honest.
No explanations could I give.
And leave accusations alone.

'Always be a better man, my son!
Through clouds and thunder.
Be responsible and accountable.
No matter what the pressure you are under.
Even in your crawling with eyes glazed...
Be good at it!
And smile when it rains! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Lawrence...this moved me so...I am keeping it in my favorites and one day...if I could be so bold as to ask your permission...I would like to pass this on to my son. Your mama was a wise wise lady. :)
you had a good mama...