Smiles Are Something Speacial

I love to smile,
for a smile is something speacial
that it could brighten up a day,
I smile to people, whom has unhappy days,
you may have gone through bad times,
and flown,
but after awhile you smile like a little clown,
you sometimes even smile because somethings are funny,
smiles are also make in other ways,
like me,
I like to show my bear smile face,
that would make my mommy just laugh,
so will you just give a little smile that will just brighten up your day
it's really speacial in a way...

by lee sharon

Comments (2)

this is made me smile..this is good..keep on smiling lee! ! !
it's good but i thought i have diferent view about smiling sometimes..... ~wish you googd luck~