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Smiles Strangle Me
TT (August 17,1988 / Boston, Ma)

Smiles Strangle Me

Poem By timelia tison

Scorched by the heated sun,
The wild flower
Dries up and is destroyed;
Blown into the wind.
Temptation has control once again.
I have failed.
But you smile.
Because life brings you pleasure.
What will happen when you stand and
there's no ground under your feet?
Would you need me then?
I call upon darkness;
Hoping to find a strip of light
That is within me.
But it has crumbled.
Again I have failed.
And you show no sadness.
I am weak and abandoned
Because I died inside.
On the outside, I hide it all.
And when the time comes
I'll feel myself fall.
And no one will save me.
I'm crying for my grave
Next to the willow tree where
The leaves wither and become new.
And you smile because I am free.

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