( / Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India)

Smiles When Fuse Into The Night Above

Allusion to the love
In talking together
Onto the faces frazzled
Inkling of love by the fusion of smiles

World yet shines by the sunrise
sharing by the early darkness.
reeks of pain when spout into the air
Binding graces cohesive within

smiles when fuse right above the night
colors when sprinkle by the gleams blissful
pine when looks to the full moon bright
wishing the love through the plumes of the white

Darkness when unveils the tunes
Sigh of relief yet glitters by coherence
Over the dew thrust dusts by the passion
Silence when peeps in the dark by the evening

Talks as when all blurted blue
Encore the arrogance of desire
by the jingling passion by the eyes
in allegiance to the lips of the dusk

clouds when inspired to rain by the summer
Attrition seems to jitter by the addiction
As the knackered voices roasted by the fire
when entwined with the promises to flow

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