Smiling Solitude

Poem By Day Dreamer

A sailor journeyed towards the unknown
While nature played him like a toy
Thrusting its force upon the feeble
The Mighty One cherished its ploy.

The ocean splashed its tidal wrath
Across his struggling, tired face
But the sailor remained stiff, undeterred
He endured the futile race.

The clouds showered its curse full force
Flooding his boat right to the brim
He kept shoving the water out
Fighting nature’s whim.

The wind gave the final blow
Turning and tossing his boat upside-down
Then the mob left him alone
Leaving him half-drowned.

Piercing the waves he marched forth
With a will to win the fearful feud
Stranded he was, but had a smile
And the strength of his solitude.

Comments about Smiling Solitude

A beautiful poem, a beautiful tale! I think we are all this sailor! I can relate to this so well! I also love the way it was written! ~~Elya Thorn~~

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