Smiling Yet Dying

Smiling outside but dying inside
Laughing for everyone to hear, crying…not showing a single tear
Helping others day after day, never asking for help, no freakin’ way
These are the masks we wear every day, reminding ourselves to be okay

We follow the crowds, we go with the flow
They don’t want you to think, they don’t want you to grow
We all do this to feel needed, important or any form of self – worth
Stop overthinking, be yourself…make YOUR difference while still on this earth

Take the lead, cause following will only end in pretending to be someone you’re not
Never happy, never satisfied, always confused and disappointed allot
No one will really know you and what you have to offer in life
So just be YOU, see through YOUR eyes, go forward and strive!

by Renee Maritz

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Always confused. Nice work.