Smoke And Mirrors

Poem By Mara SalvatruchaDemon

the free for the free
the prison cell is calling me
when death approaches that's what my future will be
gone through temporary restraint
my mind is empty like a promise from someone who sells cocaine
greed gradually tempting me from a higher to a lower state
passion and emotions turn to hate
when i'm gone nothing else will matter
any grief or sorrow is spatter
intensive words mere passivity in my suffering head
personal responsibility in the world is dead
world is turned up
reality check closes mouths up

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Fun reading Good write
lines are all fine..words are all real and true.., , , , this piece is very is a touching piece where everyone needs to understand the emotion written the author, , , , just keep on writing..cheers naizz

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Now The World Shall Crumble

i was bought in this world a mistake
i tossed down pastors.clerics, priests from the tower of babel
and watched there bones break
god said what have you done


i see a reduction in physiological vigor and activity in my life
god i'm wondering why i'm curse
why bother making friends or talking to girls
i got no future like a suicide bomber

I Don'T Existence, So You Shouldn'T Existence

when you have nothing
death seems like a vacation
when you have no one to love you
violence turns into fascination

Life Is Hard

trying to feel jubilant inside
but the stress intimidates me
i want to feel energetic
but my efforts were pathetic

The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn

i see myself in a casket
got so much time to reminisce
while i sit here in abyss
i wonder if heaven really exist