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Smoker's Rap
AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)

Smoker's Rap

Listen up people and listen to me good
I got important news so I think that you should
I know you was told it before but it wasn't told right
Listen to me now don't put up a fight

You know smoking is bad smoking ain't good
But you gotta look cool out there in the hood
You gotta look cool when you're young and unsure
I understand that but I understand more

You think to yourself oh hey I'm so smart
I'll only do it for a while 'fore it gets to my heart
I ain't so stupid as those choking old fools
Why can't they just stop and follow the rules

You smoke when it's cool then you stop after that
It ain't rocket science it's like cat in the hat
They don't even taste nice only doin' it for the look
I can stop easy won't get caught on no hook

What's the problem here why can't they just stop
What's happened to their minds they always going to the shop
To buy more cigarettes they always need more
At least they'll have to stop when they give their final snore

It's too late to tell them then so listen to me now
I can tell you what happens but I can't tell you how
Lots of folk get addicted, we're talking millions here
People same as you and me, year after year after year

It ain't pretty and it's not very nice
So before you take that first puff please think about it twice

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)

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