AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)


Mrs. T
twelve inch holder
shiny nails
arched eyebrows
smoky voice

Mr. B
breakfast time
feet astride
newspaper wide
fanning smoke
with pudgy hands

Mr. C
Six foot two
Hudson car
maroon upholstery
corduroy coat
pipe to match

Mr. H
rolled his own
deftly, neatly
arranging them
in pretty rows
almond nails

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Comments (8)

smokers had such flair before they were uniformly dubbed addicted slobs by a hypochondriac culture bent on redirecting its prejudices in a delusion of tolerance. Excellent tribute to some very interesting sounding folks. And since you chose not to be judgmental, i guess i felt compelled to take up your slack myself; >)
Amazing little poem. I've just read the previous comments and agree with Denis Joe - you haven't been judgemental at all, and that's refreshing. Your Mrs T reminds me of Marlene Dietrich - must be the high arched eyebrows. I like this one, Allie. Love, Fran xxx
cute. A clever subject, and you come up with 4 nicely-detailed portraits, characters, really.
this i like. i enjoy the fact you have kept the lines short and noticed that smoking seems to divide people cleanly into 2 groups.
Ms. N powder blue cardigan cracked nails naturale eyebrows gravel voice weekend mode mama ah yes..the ritual :) ~kelly
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