Smoking—a Road To Cancer

Aches and pains, ev'n robust warning,
Smoking promotes cancer growing,
Even healthy should not spoil health,
And not ruin their treasured wealth. Withdraw from brisk walk to the grave,
Oh, smoking does not make you brave,
Then stop pollution at each breath,
Do not corrupt youngster's good health. Stop smoking and stop death seeding,
Faith itself is immense healing,
Stop lowering coffin beneath,
Stop relatives holding a wreath. Stop putrid breath that causes death,
Create a huge pride for your health,
Do not watch your health disappear,
Stop smoking, let it not appear. Be one we won't want to be near,
At death's mysterious Kingdom,
Smoking will add and promote fear,
Use healthy garment of Freedom. You too do away with smoking,
That our bodies will not be torn,
Healthy path we'll have for walking,
What for crystallized days are born. Please do starve the smoking to death,
And put the perfume into breath,
Do not put bodies in the Earth,
Always smoking could kill at birth. Smoking, Drugs are equal Evil,
Don't take hands and dance with Devil,
Good seems to say to you and me,
Thy Righteousness much more could see.

by Milan Trubarac

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