Smoking Or Non-Smoking

Christ pointed out two places, of which you could go,
One was heaven above, and the other Hell below.

The Lord Himself said not many words about Heaven,
Except it would be filled with all our Christian Brethren.

Since The Lord said more about this place He called Hell,
It's importance is something we should continue to tell.

Hell is not simply a state of mind of temporary separation,
But instead, Hell is a Lake of Fire and of eternal duration.

The smoke of this fire will rise upwards forevermore,
So it's time to fear The Lord, I can tell you for sure.

Neither is Hell a final resting place filled with wicked fun,
But, it's a place of lasting torment, in which you should shun.

Next time you think Hell is just a simple interjection,
Remember it may be the place of your eternal selection.

The only way up is to accept God's Good News of Salvation,
Which will put you in Heaven, and fill you with Eternal elation.

If you have heard Christ's Good News and your choice is rejection,
Then Hell my dear friend is your place of Eternal selection.

Now that you have these words of Eternal direction,
Will you be in the Smoking or Non-Smoking section.

(Copyright © 08/2002)

by Bob Gotti

Comments (2)

Smoking section, definitely.
This poem is very good I'll give you five stars.