WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)


Lullaby to a goodnight
No more fuss and fight
Out went the light
So dull once so bright

Ending of a sweet dream
Rebuilder of self-esteem
The sun shines as a beam
Now the changing of the regime

The piper carried the final tune
Up went the balloon
No one left to spoon
I won't be coming home soon

The caterpillar imaged from the cocoon
I was busy drawing a cartoon
The rain came down as a monsoon
From heartache, I thought I was immune

From September until June
I was such a buffoon
My life now a lampoon
Bark I now at the moon

From dawn till noon
Sadden whale to harpoon
Paid my last doubloon
Lost soldier without a platoon

Miserable journey to commune
The cowboy stands at the saloon
Calmer seas now turn a typhoon
Capsized the old man's pontoon

Now he has a new flavor
Has he now the four-leaf clover
Sweet and gentle this savior
Brought back from the brinks of failure

The dawning brings a morning new
A cold wind no longer blew
Out of the ashes, a fresh love grew
What he had was just a crazy snafu

(July 21,2011)

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