Poem By Lone Ghost

Misguiding attempts to transcended the illusion of reality
and stand beyond physicality turn into imprisoning seeking.

Aiming to expand awareness and the bliss it contains
trough the ways of the physical realm, I became a snail...

The bigger I get, the bigger my shell grows,
In a mobile dungeon, I restrictedly tour the world,
carrying everything I think I need
I don't really need.

Pleasures and vanity are like a troffer in broad daylight
they are only meaningful when outside is dark,

when you still settle for trivialities,
but once you taste freedom

you never want to go back,
for you have alighted a new dimension of an unparallel taste,

you want to return, to the boundless state
but it's already too late,

so dependent you carry it wherever you go,
so heavy it outweighs the awareness of your presence,

It´s my personality, my frustrations, my ownership, my un-forgiveness,
end up defining me, owning me, and condoning me.

I do get bigger and wealthier
but so my needs and constraints.

I forgot, only the physical body needs to survive,
and made my whole existence a shell,

so I live isolated in my mental spiral cage
protecting and hiding,
from issues only in my 'reality' exist.

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