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Snail Pace Pays

What’s wrong with a slow pace?
There’s no hurry to reach our homes
We carry them. We save space
No accidents, no traffic jams on our way
We know well haste makes waste.

Kids envy us – we who are so little
And wish they were so gentle
Proud of us – their harmless pets
They fondly feed us with leaves – green and fresh.

The time does come to prove we’re smart
A matter of prestige for the tiny tots
And from a circle’s centre the marathon starts
To find whose is the champion and whose is not.
Like our big brother tortoise who had his day
When the hare for his pride had to pay
We strive to show in our life so short
That being slow and steady can mean a lot.

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Slow and steady wins the race. A good example of hare and tortoise story is shown in this poem.