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Snap Out Of It!
CF (Aug 1976 / Hattisburg Mississipi)

Snap Out Of It!

Poem By chad fisher

Depressed for a long time, longer than I've ever been depressed before.
Just wishing I knew what to say to them, wishing I wouldn't be a lonely bore.
And still waiting and hoping that I'l figure things out soon.
Someday I might emerged from my self-sabatoging cacoon
Only to live, love, laugh and cry again.
Only to fail, succed, and eventually win.
People looking down on me, because I am confused.
And my anger sets in, and my heart is bruised.
I cannot go on like this, but I don't want to die.
I just wish I knew how to live like I used to do, I won't lie.
I am still depressed. But wish that I weren't any more.
I'm missing those that I love, but hate me now.
If only I could love them, somehow.
Snap out of it, people say the darndest things you know?
If it were that easy I'd have done that long ago.

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