AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)


When I called you in your garden
Mango blooms were rich in fragrance -
Why did you remain so distant,
Keep your doors so tightly fastened?
Blossoms grew to ripe fruit-clusters -
Your rejected my cuppded handfuls,
Closed your eyes to perfectness.

In the fierce harsh storms of Baisakh,
Golden ripened fruit fell tumbling.
'Dust, I said, 'defiles such offerings:
Let your hands be heaven to them.'
Still you showed no friendliness.

Lampless were your doors at evening,
Pitch-black as I played my vina.
How the starlight twanged my heartstrings!
How I set my vina dancing!
You showed no responsiveness.

Sad birds twittered sleeplessly,
Calling, calling lost companions.
Gone the right time for our union -
Low the moon while still you brooded,
Sunk in lonely pensiveness.

Who can understand another!
Heart cannot restrain its passion.
I had hoped that some remaining
Tear-soaked memories would sway you,
Stir your feet to lightsomeness.

Moon fell at the feet of morning,
Loosened from the night's fading necklace.
While you slept, O did my Vina
Lull you with its heartache? Did you
Dream at least of happiness?

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Comments (10)

Allie wonderful snapshots of a time now passed, but as memorable as if they were yesterday. A real gem and what a wonderful memory you have. Top marks and thanks for sharing them my friend. David
I am fascinated by the ability of our minds to bring the past to the present where its seems as real as today. Your poem records those moments just as they so often occur - Like snapshots.
Interesting concept, Alison, ... your 'snapshots' feel very much like thumbing through a photo album. Well done! ! Brian
A 3D Travelogue through childhood in a different universe. Cherished and indelible memories laid out so clearly from stanza to stanza that we were right there with you on the ride. Moving words with just a trace of longing in them perhaps. Good result on the fires too. Another visual spectacular Allie. x jim
Really photogenic Alison and it's a chain of events in real life and this more than snapshots!
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