isn't for weak-willed
neophytes who, for one minute,
question the superiority of their
self-appointed position.

the armor is
bullet-proof to humility,
opposite opinion,
and silly common sense,
hiding in the abstract wasteland of,
only I see.

humans have a right to snobbery?

mountains tower over
mole-hill minds.
oceans swamp
pools of bigotery.
canyons engulf our
rivers humor our

snobbery looks only down
to see inferiority,
never up to see.

by Rusty Daily

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Rusty, this is absolutely fabulous. Don't forget there is reverse snobbery too, whereby those of lesser intelligence snub their noses at those who are smarter than they are; however, in that case, it provides the comic relief that is needed at times in our brutal world. Bravo! ! ! ! !