MC (22nd August 1990 / )


A snore, what a sound,
It echoes all around,
Like a thunder in the sky,
A noise you cannot deny.

The roar of the lion,
Sleeping in his den,
In the morning he wakes,
And he yawns again.

When you snore in sleep,
You lose your worth,
Because it sounds like a machine,
Piercing the Earth.

It comes for a while,
And then takes rest,
Listening to the organ,
One does feel stressed.

Its like the fluttering window
You see during storms,
Every night it comes
And it follows no norms.

Its like an alarm,
In its snoozed mode,
The sound so sickening,
It makes you bored.

Sometimes that sound
Doesn't let you sleep,
Start counting the snores,
You will surely fall asleep.

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Langston Hughes


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Its like an alarm, In its snoozed mode yar, this is de catchy line....true true! ! !