MT ( / Salinas, California, USA)


I'm a cocaine user and abuser
used cocaine to decrease the pain
if you try it
you'll buy it
I'm hooked like a fish
now it's my main dish
Just another thug on drugs
I'm in so deep I can't sleep
I fear jail, can't yell
going to hell
Lord have mercy on my soul
Please help me before I'm old
Then one day an Angel came,
called my name
"give yourself no blame"
You are healed from all your drug deals
God has given you special powers in this hour
Go your way on this day
speak to others without pay
I'll send an Angel, she'll tell you what to say
You can't loose
use God's Rules
All your pain and sorrow has been hidden in tomorrow

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Comments (4)

The line: 'You can't lose' - note correct spelling The poem is too rhymey, too singsongy, but it makes a good point... 'Your sorrow is hidden in tomorrow'? I think you can do better than that.
I see the story line, but I think the lines could flow together better than they do. I think it could be better. Hmph, maybe it's just me.
Nice one Matty, All the best. Lizzy.
congrats on finding a way out of hell...