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Poem By Chelsea Dawn Rogers

In the back and front yard, it's snowing.
As it falls it looks like shimmering crystals.
When I go out in it, I feel like a soul set free.
I thank God every moment I'm in it.
I feel like I'm a part of the earth.
There's something about snow that fills my heart with warmth and love.
I feel as though I have wings made of silk.
When I make snow angels, I look up in the sky and feel embraced with happiness.
I hope others can enjoy snow as much as I do.
My Wish I have a wish that the world would be peaceful.
All people would love each other.
There would be no hate.
There would be beautiful sunny days and nice, cool showery days.
No litter would be seen anywhere.

Angels would come out and watch over us.
God would say "Hello" each morning and "Goodnight" each night.
The world would be at peace forever.

My wish is very special.
I hope that someday I can share it with people all over the world.

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