Courage Under Fire

fall away
one by one
as strands of you
milk the moments
you had
for what they were worth,
still smouldering
in the hand
even though
you knew
in your hearts mind
it was pretence
as they smiled
behind soft
contemptuous lips
that offer you
quiet resentment
instead of love
just because
you breathe
and are
uniquely you,
and that
makes them
against their
square jawed
materialistic plan
that can't afford
but can
their every whim
which makes them
sorely aware
of their
superlative selves
so they
push you away
you are less
then them
you don't fit
but you keep
steering steadfast
in the sanctity
of truth
inside of trust
as the most valuable
and they fear
''your being''
through you
they see
and their superior
ways collapse
in blind belief
as they continue
to make spaces
''for time''
more than sharing
or listening
or caring
for anyone else
what they want
is never enough-
so let them fall away
to be left
as dust
when matter
does not matter
and when you are
feeling raw and
naked and
then you can
the comfort
of being
with another
and that is
what is true
and right
and real
and what you
are all about.

Copyright ©2005

by Adryan Barnathan

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I love it is ts amazing
Snow has fallen, ho where can you be, snow has fallen you are hidden from me, snow has fallen from the sky from up above, snow has fallen and I’m not in love, snow has fallen on your head, oh dreary me now you are dead.
hello its me again by the way my name is not helo melo
thid was accually pretty funny this is gonna be my poem for this week: }
is this suppose to be touching or funny o.o;
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