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Snow (A Happy Poem At Last Lol)
CMP (03-06-1990 / portsmouth uk)

Snow (A Happy Poem At Last Lol)

Poem By charlotte marie peachey

What is this wonder soft and white,
That falls from the sky on this wintery night?
Cool and sparkling, light as a feather,
It makes its appearance in cold winter weather.

My hair is covered and it's all gray.
From my shoulders I brush the crystals away.
My tongue is out, to taste the flakes.
On roofs it looks like frosting on cakes.

Here comes the plow, to push it aside,
Children on sleds, down hillside they slide.
Sweet little birds, they pop up their heads,
They're awakened by snow, that falls on their beds.

Tree limbs are covered with shimmering white.
That look like maidens, dressed with delight.
Their limbs bending, under thick white snow.
As if thanking God, for love He's bestowed.

I look out my window in wonderment.
I know that this magic is heaven sent.
I cannot imagine not seeing it fall.
A winter without it, I want not to recall.

I never shall leave this wondrous season.
For loving it so is the only reason,
I live in this region where it snows.
As in winter time, my small world glows.

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very, well written and plants pictures in my mind as I read it! ! ! ! keep them coming! ! ! ! 10/10