'Snow Day'

Snowflakes falling from the sky,
Landing on my face as it blows by,
Snow Angels something you never outgrow,
I'm wrapped in their beauty covered in snow.
Up in the clouds so billowy white,
I'm wrapped in a blanket of sheer delight,
Falling from the sky without any sound,
Snowflakes scattered covering the ground.
Sun’s rays riding the snow’s drift,
Masquerading the winds sudden shift,
I squint to see the sun’s shine,
Little snowflakes caught in my eyes.
Children bundled in warm clothes,
Toboggan’s in hand their faces aglow,
Snowballs, snowmen, game of war,
Digging tunnels until your knees are sore.
Families gathering around the fire,
Sharing memories of the heart’s desire,
Piano playing heartfelt carolling songs,
Playing, laughing and singing along.
Children snuggled in for the night,
Snowmen glistening in the moonlight,
Waiting for children to come out and play,
Hoping tomorrow’s another snow day.

© 2011 Wind Songs Spiritual Poetry

by Annalee Hopkins Somerville

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I came back here again because I could not send you a message anywhere else. Many thanks for your message. You did not see the part of my work, that life is a school room, we have problems what we created, but we are the ones also who can solve. And life goes all the way with solving problems, however if you know this, you will attract less and less trouble, your life will clear up and became content and happy.
Thank you for bringing the joy of childhood into my adult world. AS you know happiness lies inside of us, but poetry like this helps bring its glow. Thank you seasons greetings. A lovely poem
Beautiful words originate in a beautiful heart.