Too Much To Drink

I’ve had too much to drink tonight
I’m feeling rather funny
A glass of wine, a tot of Port
And Whisky mixed with honey

I thought that it would be okay
To take a little Brandy
But one small drink turned into two
And now I’m feeling randy

And then I took a swig of beer
To finish off my boozing
I know that was a big mistake
For now I feel like snoozing

To wake me up I feel I need
A mug of real black coffee
But being drunk and quite confused
It turned out like thick toffee

So what the heck, I think I’ll try
A schooner of that Sherry
The Vodka also looks quite nice
And now I’m feeling merry

I’ve had too much to drink tonight
I need the bathroom quickly
Its all gone to my silly head
I’m feeling rather sickly

And when the morning comes around
My head will feel quite tender
I know that I will so regret
I went on such a bender

The moral of this little tale
I hope will be explicit
It’s not a good idea to drink
Beyond one’s limit – IS IT! !

by Valerie Dohren

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If it's a snow day, why are the kids pictured as being at school?
Marvelous imaginations of the great poet.
This poem reminds me of Dylan Thomas