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Snow Falling
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Snow Falling

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

the Pier enveloped
in a dim gray twilight
swirling with endless flakes
coming from all directions
“The middle of December—
remarkable, ” I said to myself,
“and under the churning sea
another universe whirls
oblivious to air
snow stars humans.”
As I stared at the vast Atlantic
the thought of the Sheepshead fish
entered my mind
even though Sheepshead Bay
lay off to my left.
I knew that fish had given its name
to the bay
where it once lived in abundance
now none
“Well everything eventually disappears
nothing stays the same
all creation
just ceaseless transformation.”
“Talking to yourself, Bernstein, ”
I heard Frank Freeborn say behind me.
“This weather lends itself to musing, ” I said.
“Or frozen testicles
especially for men
living in a refrigerator carton
under the boardwalk.”
“After a cup of hot chocolate
you’ll once more be able
to contemplate the meaning of life.”
“You buying? ”
“I believe so.”
“The meaning of life—
an easy conundrum
the impenetrable component
the eternal abyss of happiness, ” I sighed.
Freeborn said, “The Almighty
created rapture
and our task
this snowy evening
I tell you from the bottom of my heart
to soak up hot chocolate.”
“No Thunderbird? ” I asked.
“For a man such as yourself
with a warm apartment
but for a man such as myself,
living out doors
a dangerous delight
last week Fat Floyd Ford
froze to death during
that cold spell.”

found a wallet with a twenty in it
bought a fifth of Jack Daniel’s
and finished it off by himself
under the boardwalk
then fell asleep.”
“Happy for a time, ” I said.
“An hour before passing out.”
“That’s something.”
“Not much.”
“Some people
even have
that hour.”

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Very gritty - I like it