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The Way You Make Me Feel

It's that feeling, that simply pales in comparison to any others.
The one that makes your stomach twist in knots and your
heart crumble up. It's the butterflies I get when I talk to you.

If I could I'd walk up to you and pull you into my arms
where you're safe, where I know I'll feel safe.
with you in my arms, and I in yours. With your smile
that could light up an entire room. You don't see it that way
but I do. I love everything about you, even the little silly things any
other person wouldn't notice, but I do, because I love you.

Missing you is what hurts. I've never met you, yet I miss you every single day.. I just can't explain it and when I'm not talking to you, I feel lost and I feel like the world is crashing down around me.You're the one thing that makes me feel safe and content and even though I'm not there with you, I feel surrounded by you.

The distance is something that hurts us both but if I'm honest,
I'd tell you that you are everywhere to me and missing you hurts so much because I know that you being everywhere is just a fantasy, or maybe I've just fallen that much in your love that I'm drowning in every thought of you.

I can never open up to anyone the way I open up to you.
It's like there's a part of you in every inch of me, stirring up my emotions.
and running through my veins and all I would need
to feel stronger is to remember that feeling I get when I talk to you and with you, it's like a spark went off and has my heart bursting into thin air.

I never stop thinking about you, every moment of every day
and no matter what mood I'm you can always put a smile on my face and also because I'm thinking about you, with hope that you're out there somewhere thinking of me too.

What started out as a friendship, quickly turned into love,
and nothing could ever have compared to those feelings I had inside of me. You had me falling so fast in love, there wasn't any possible way for me to get up, but you made me love every second of it... and every day I talk to you, I fall just a little more than the last time, with hopes that you feel the same even if distance has made a fool of us, I hope it doesn't blind you to being able to feel the same.

One innocent message, to make a conversation, made my whole life
turn upside down and inside out. I felt like a whole new person, but in a good way. One message brought us together, and I couldn't be more grateful. You're a blessing in disguise and I'm truly lucky to have such an amazing and wonderful person like you in my life.

It's just what you do to me and I'll fight for as long as I have to
as long as it means I can have you in the end. Every night, before I go to bed, I cuddle up to my pillow, and think of you until I fall asleep. I don't know if that sounds stupid to you but I can't help it... and then whenever I wake up I thank God that I have you in my life just for another day.

Knowing that I once had you is enough to know that if I fight hard enough one day you will be mine again. I will never be able to explain the effect you have on me and my life.. all I know is that if you weren't in mine, life for me wouldn't ever be the same and it'd be like this big piece of me is missing. I know that to other people, they'd see me as crazy.

Crazy, because we've never met but I don't care because I know you, and I know when it's real. You know me, and even with the slightest things I say, you just get me. All I wanna do is hold you close and never let you go with that feeling inside my heart, knowing that you're there with me and that we're so close that nothing can tear us apart.

Maybe I am crazy, but I would much rather be crazy for loving you, than to stop which is something that I could never do, so all I can do know is fight and just hope that the universe lands us both where we are supposed to be, safe and content in each others arms.

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Very gritty - I like it