Mystical Meadows

In a land of magic where dragon flies are kings
Fairy Meadows
where peace and tranquillity reign
How I wish I could be
The one chosen to receive my wings
Flowers of all colours
Harvested for their sweet nectars
Sprinkled fairy dust to enhance beauty
Glistening in the sun light
My bright petal shift still fresh
How I wish to stay here forever
All wings flapping gently
Hurrying to finish their chores before the gathering
This enchanting world of peace and harmony
Soon all will be summoned
Be wildered at all the different fairies I have ever seen
Then came the sound of the gentle trumpeting
All is to gather in the clearing
Sprinkled fairy dust and merry making
Offerings to the ancient trees
Which housed, many fairy families
A source of energy to this mystical world
All fairies bowing
To the royal family of this enchanted meadows
Speeches from the crowned prince and nobleman
Someone is to be granted a pair of wings
Excited whispers as to whom and for the one unknown
Early to rise next morning
Stretching arm my wings unfolding
Dew drops shimmering in the first rays of sunlight
Home is Fairy Meadows
A place of beauty and magic
Where peace and tranquillity reign

by persian khushi

Comments (6)

Ha ha ha- stately toes! The snows of Antan in yourden.
Dang, the very words are doing a merry jig! She has a light touch with this one that she maintains throughout. Splendid! ! !
Fabulous metaphor by one of the great poets of all time. Makes me want to dance right along with her.
Prig, jig! With the muse their dancing steps. Thanks for sharing.
Nicely thought with a metaphor Snow for life, Hats Off Madam
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