Adjustment, A Poem For Pregnancy #2


My children have been words. Words were children.
Phrases fat and thin that lined the fragile field.
Verbs, nouns, adverbs caught flirtatiously;
Thoughts just fancied.

Than the slow half-recognition and
An act of love:
“I cannot leave you, cannot snuff you out;
Unformed you lie, remembered kisses
And caresses.” I could not reject,

So consummation and the rarer spark
That gave you form
And me the will to pen
Would fill the field
And grow tumultuously: limbs, organs, eyes and speech
And flowering personality.
Once born, that burden’s mine…
And mine no longer.

Now… the womb within me
Swollen waits to give me not a
Phrase, a poem or philosophy.
It swells with life!
Now uttered thoughts
Will be an animal
Of warmth, pulsating flesh, such
Speech and longings that no one yet
Conceived in words. So faced with this
Reality, my words have gone. I wait
For more substantial life. And yet
Once born, the burden’s mine….
And mine no longer.

by Linda Hepner

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What a beautiful word painting! I love snow anywhere, but it seems to be especially invitating in Dublin.. Kindest regards, Sandra Fowler