JW (8/1/1988 / Chicago)

Snow Storm

My husband went out to hunt at dawn,
Forth through the forest in early light;
He sauntered through, and the early chill
Froze down upon him with bitter might.

Hours anon, from forth the sky, before he had returned,
Came falling bright, reflected with light, a great amount of snow.
Through the window, chilled and worried, I searched the distant wood,
Wanting to run calling his name in a place I could not go.

The sky was white, the land was white,
Heaven seemed to have fallen in pieces upon the Earth,
Thousands of pieces of marble white crystal,
Later to leave, and allow the land a rebirth.

And now still worried, the air still chill,
I stand awaiting my love’s return;
And with the darkening sky, the breath of my sigh,
Only to see him again is what I so yearn.

by Josh Weiss

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