RW (November 5,1968 / Opp, Alabama)


The radio played a cool Beatle tune,
'Hey Jude, ' echoed all through the car.
The only light came from the moon,
I had not traveled yet far.

Then the snow fell silently down,
reminding me of a far away time.
When the two of us were snowbound.
The time when you were still mine.

My mind went back to our home in the wood.
The joy we knew that night,
although every moment we had was good,
it was bliss; you, the snow, and the moonlight.

Now as I drive through the heavy snow,
I remember the warmth and the fire.
The music played soft and low,
as our hearts beat with love and desire.

The snow fell heavily outside,
we didn't seem to care.
Only our hearts open wide,
we created our magic there.

But too soon the magic went away,
to where I do not know.
But the memory will always stay,
of a snowbound night long, long ago!

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