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(25th March 1943 / )


Poem By Ernestine Northover

The bitter cold sapped his strength,
he should have put his thicker coat on,
but now it was too late.
He trudged through the snow, now knee deep,
struggling to keep his balance, and his feet from slipping on the ice.
She would no doubt have left by now,
and he would have made the journey in vain.
To get to her was imperative, he couldn't lose her now,
not when he knew his feelings for her.
His whole life depended on it.
Suddenly, a figure loomed out of the snow swirls in front of him,
a slight figure, battling also against the cold.
'Are you lost? ' he asked,
'I'm looking for someone' the voice replied.
The voice tinkled in his mind, a voice, her voice,
was this a trick, a hallucination?
No, it was her, but how?
She stopped and grinned, teeth chattering, recognising him.
'I love you', she said, I couldn't go without you.

Two people seen striding through the snow,
arms wrapped around each other,
minding nothing, but the knowledge of being together,
and being warmed by their love.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (6)

A warming embrace through the winter of any night, you really moved me with this fine story-poem, well done, love Duncan
Ernestine, Beautifully written. Shannon
Nice one Ernestine.The coat I had on was a Snorkel and got as far as the Co-op but she'd gone.Last seen at the bacon counter.Cant beat a good romance. Great read thanks for sharing. Sid John.
We're getting lots of beautiful snow now Ernestine......just enough to add some beauty and romance! I love it. What a great poem. Sincerely, Mary
sweet, I'm about to go out the door into the Michigan cold, but not expecting this type of luck.