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Snowflake Eyes
VAD ( / Manila)

Snowflake Eyes

IF my eyes could only capture
each second of what I see
if only that picture can record
the scent surrounding me -
pineapples, peaches and grapes
wine drops that moisten my lips;
Grasping in breathing spell-

as I open the window
and gaze outside
cold breeze went within
as the clouds weep in agony
every dropp shouts your name
the hot breeze cling to my veins
as my windowpane dream
of snowstorms
and hale.

I closed my thoughts
I fell unknowingly
the sensation of dropping
a split second gone to infinity

I float with arms wide open
and the air embracing me
fall from skyscrapers
I drop
I fall
I smither
I burst -
into innumerable molecules
as a snowflake i become
an open hand catches me
and I melt with the heat of his palm
becoming one with the skin

If only i could be
a snowflake -
in a standstill
in a still frame.

© May 27,2005

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