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The cloud of winter
cloaking the sun.
Seems to amplify
an already loud quiet.

Noiselessly my footsteps fall
on the snow covered path.
As leisurely I stroll through
the hibernating forest.

Swirled to and fro
by a northern zephyr.
Graceful snowflakes
silently dance around me.

Pirouetting and floating
on their earth bound journey.
To join others that form
the deep carpet of white.

Catching some as they drift by.
With marvel I query.
How can these shapes
be so different one from another?

So fragile so beautiful
yet sadly so fleeting.
Like a dream
passing through slumber.

Snowflakes their existence
by no means immortal.
For will come the day
their fate realized.

When breezes waft warm
these frozen works of art.
Their destiny be nectar
to a waking thirsting earth.

Until such time
I will watch wonder and thank
Mother Nature.
For her unselfish gift of beauty.

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