Snowflakes (2)

Snowflakes falling from the sky:
Each one sporting a unique design.
All are snowflakes - that's their name,
But no two crystals are the same.

Each tiny flake is a real work of art,
With a breath-taking pattern at its heart.
From a distance, they are all but specks,
But each has a shape which is most complex.

Each individual flake is a minute masterpiece:
A thing of beauty on which our eyes can feast.
Each design is completely world-class,
But, these sculpted beauties, they do not last.

By their intricate patterns, folk are amazed:
If made by hand, they'd get a great deal of praise.
These delightful decorations, forged in 3D,
Are barely big enough for our eyes to see.

Each of the flakes, with their six tiny arms,
Are full of wonder and a real sense of charm.
These feathery forms on the tiniest scale
Differ in size and the minutest detail.

Sadly for us, their fragile form
Begins to thaw as the air grows warm.
Having given us all a stunning display,
They take their bows and melt away.

by Angela Wybrow

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