Real Gorgeous!

All women are real gorgeous,
No matter their size or height,
Many skin colours are beautiful,
And all ways of life are acceptable,
So why is it so hard to love one another?
Why do we have to throw abuse at each other?
I wish we could all live in harmony,
And accept all views and experiences,
For all women are unique and special,
It doesn't matter to me that opinions differ,
For everyone has a story to tell,
No one deserves to be put through hell,
Not for being open minded,
Not for taking the time out to show care for others,
We all deserve to be loved,
To celebrate being female,
To celebrate the female form in all its beauty,
And to celebrate the intelligence and attitudes,
That keep us different to one another,
No one deserves to be put through dieting pain,
There should be no one to blame,
For we have to educate ourselves,
To the pressure that surrounds us,
The pressure that makes it hard to see truth:
The truth of media hype,
How all shapes, sizes and careers are important,
Because you don't have to be a model to be happy:
You just have to be yourself,
Why shouldn't a woman be a lawyer or doctor,
If she chooses?
There is more to life than how we look,
So throw away those fad dieting books,
Because you have to see yourself in all aspects:
Not just hype advertised in the media.
So my message to you,
Is be yourself,
Celebrate your brains as well as beauty,
And feel the freedom and fun,
That life is supposed to bring!

by Paula Glynn

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In the right direction? A very nice poem.