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So Alone!
( / Germany)

So Alone!

So alone in my bed
Alone listening to nightly whispers
Alone in my thoughts
Alone standing in court
Alone I stand and fight
Alone I pray for rainbow lights

Alone in the morning I awake
Alone I celebrate my joys
Alone I cry out my sadness
Alone I voice out my fears
Alone in strenght

Alone in wealth
Alone in good health
Alone I try to understand
Alone I seek knowledge
Alone I share what is mine
Alone I try not to be alone
Alone when my time has come, I pass away

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Comments (19)

A WONDERFUL POEM, Sylvia thank you for sharing.
Alone I am in this comment section
It really hurts to be alone. Loneliness always wants a friend. You aptly described being alone. I know no one wants or likes to be alone. Good!
This is one of the best poems i ve ever read.. wish u luck.. keep riding
(So Alone! - Poem by Sylvia Chidi.) **A good description of aloneness.
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