So Beautiful

Those peaks are luscious yet firm
Of which my endless gaze shall confirm
I wish I could palm it all within my hand
Its magnetic pull, I fail to withstand

Your shape so strong and your shape organic
The thought of anything bad happening to you makes my heart panic
Your DNA matches that of beauty
I am blessed to have such a cutie

Your fruitful nature makes me want to plough you
Your endless moisture makes me want to drink from you
Oh how the exotic birds and butterflies adore you
I would do anything my love, to protect you

below those peaks your body curves like a meander
Further down regions where many tried to plunder
Everyone knows of your treasures
Even the grumpy know of your pleasures

Your scent is pure and mesmerizing
I've watched you shower in the rain at nights and bask in the sun from early morning
Your feel is so astonishing, no matter where I lay my hands
Like a hidden fantasy I long to visit your secret lands.

The taste of your fruit makes my mouth water
And that green and brightly colored dress you wear makes me stutter
I don't know what lays for us my love in the future.
But I will always love you, this I promise …..My Majestic St, Lucia

My Land of Birth

by Orlando Edwin

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I'm sorry, my mind was wading in and out of the gutter with this one! I'm guessing that was your intent, double entendre right? Very well done.
beautiful I loved it and am from St.lucia