So Beautiful Is She

When I saw her photo for the first time
I got mesmerized
Dreaming blue eyes
so beautiful
short curly wavy blond hair
a huge pleasant smile
dimples, not wrinkles
she looked so youthful, cheerful
Hypnotized, I swayed
What could happen I thought
if I kept on looking at her!

I do not know.

But what do I know is this:
If De Vinci had seen her once
Mona Lisa would not be in the Louvre.

I cannot forget her blue eyes
her face, her heart warming smile
I close my eyes and still
I see her vividly.

by Ravi Kopra

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I love this poem
It's lovely piece of poetry! I am utterly fascinated by two lines: 'I cannot forget her blue eyes/her face, her heart warming smile...Thanks dear sir for sharing! I vote this beautiful poem with a 10
How piercing is the stab of beauty, and the fatal wound it leaves behind. A vivid reminder of our vulnerability to the charms of physical allure.
Thank you Rajesh. for stopping by and for your comment.
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