My Poem About Love

Poem By Monkey 7073

Throwing the sands up to the heavens
Unknowing of why and what I’ve done
From the Holy Ghost, the father, the son
All that is shattered and has come undone

Screaming these tears, to an empty audience
So lost and so confused, in this bleak place
Scarred and so broken, etched upon my face
Falling without the arms, to hold me in grace

A foolish mentor, I have become to my own fear
That is now before the time, it mattered then
That not even with sword or with mighty pen
Cannot resurrect the salvation, I need so again

Bleeding on the hands, I crawl for forgiveness
Find the strength to touch your face, once more
When carrying this heart, that’s so heavy and sore
Struck down by a cruel and forever merciless law

Crying your name to this vain, of my attempts
Now fatigued by this sleep, I can no longer find
Stricken and destroyed, by what is now left behind
Will I ever see you again? Can this really be so unkind?

A thought in passing reminds me of everything
That is you and you alone, to my breaking heart
Lost and shattered in the rains, of my demise apart
Can’t I find a way back to you again, to just restart?

Don’t even know how I ended up this way, somehow
So far covered and now so far fallen, I’m still falling
To somewhere so deep in pain, I cannot find breathing
As my mouth is sealed, in the loss of my heart beating

Can I ever find myself again, in amongst this place?
A coven of the shattered and depraved and unspoken
I shall forever be besieged, in the hell I am awoken
Retiring to this place, unwanted and forever broken

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