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So Close
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So Close

I see the blood run down my arms
How could I put myself in harm?
Why can’t all the pain go away?
Why can’t happiness come and stay?
Life may not be the greatest thing
I’ve been through hell with broken wings
Sometimes I feel I should end it
But I didn’t think I could this
I didn’t think I could slit my wrists
I just wish I missed
I just wanted to feel the pain
As the blood fell like rain
I knew it wouldn’t kill me
But I wanted to see
How close I could get to death
How close I could get to my last breath
How was I so dense to try this stunt?
I just wanted to turn and run
I want to leave this place
Where no more pain awaits
Never do this, I know how it feels
To try to take your life away, It’s Real!

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