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So Close.....And Yet....
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

So Close.....And Yet....

So close to what is reality...
Yet so far from the truth.
Blind to the knowledge I know,
My heart was once owned by you.

So close to the longing that once loved you...
Yet not sure what to do.
Keeping distance from all that's hurting,
Until I know what to do.

So close to the hatred that you made be,
Yet trying to keep control so it doesn't rule me.
Knowing that you have no regrets or shame for your part,
Is my simple truth & reality to my heart.

So close to never loving again,
Yet hoping for it still.
Is there a middle ground when loves at stake...
I'm not sure...
How about you?

So close to happiness,
Yet afraid to reach for the cause.
Loving you was my mistake,
I'll accept my part.

Smiling is my healing,
Laughing is for my soul.
Loving has yet to cure, what you so simply stole.

I'll find my path, be it now or later.

Just always take heart, I loved you without reservation.

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