So Embarrassed (1) (Not Knowing Ox Or Cow)

Last Sunday we went to cattle farm
for a picnic full of fun.
We were so fed-up with city life.
That farm was in a country side.
Many new friends we did make,
We ate food beside a beautiful lake.
We kept work worry at bay.
Spending the best of holiday.
We treasured the moment so memorable,
by taking many photos as souvenir.

On the grass there was a life-size ox statue.
For photos, many people posed as much as they could do.
Some kids climbed onto the ox's back,
some, like cowboy, pulled the leg,
some threw a noose around the neck.
while the cameras flashed after flashed.
Some adults, holding the horn and smiled a 'cheese'.
Some grabbing the tail, with funny face in a tease.
At that time, a woman posed to milk
what she found was a big testes,
not an udder and teat,
She felt so blushed and embarrassed,
arousing a bust of laugh.

by U Win Kyi

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