So Embarrassed (2) (Abuse Of Mouth)

A man came into hospital emergency.
His face winced in painful agony.
His night gown so wet and bloody.

It was due to wound in genital organ
which was soaked with blood and swollen.
On touching, it was so painful and tender.

'How did you get it' the doctor asked.
For answering that he was so embarrassed.
At his girlfriend's mouth angle was a trickle of blood.

She opened her mouth to show dental steel wire.
The doctor knew they went against the Nature.
She satisfied his boyfriend's sexual desire.

She gave him a forceful oral sex.
The dental wire caused a deep scratch.
The doctor sutured with a big needle the most sensitive flesh.

The patient screamed the shit out of the silent night.
After hospital discharge, they had a quarrel and fight.
She left him because she didn't want to be his wife.

The functions of mouth
are eat, kiss, sing, talk and shout.
When angry it can make a pout.
Other than these it is abuse of mouth.

by U Win Kyi

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