So Embarrassed(5) (Mobile Sex)

We went for a overnight vacation
to a scenic spot at famous location.
Me, my girlfriend and her aunty
who was a spinster...old and snoopy.
The motels were all booked.
For finding a large room, there was no hope.
In a small room, her aunty slept.
My girlfriend and me slept in the cab.
The next morning, in the cab, the aunty found used tissue papers
stained with wet substance with strange odor.
They were thick and sticky.
She felt so yukky.
I was so embarrassed to say it was my semen.
I lied to her that it was my cough-out phlegm.
I pretended to make some bouts of cough and sneezing.
She asked me to see a doctor and take medicine.
Maybe she was too naive, too simple,
too gullible and too virgin to know about male nectar.
Maybe she didn't want me to look bad,
pretending not to know about mobile sex.
My girlfriend stayed silent,
pretending to be ignorant.

by U Win Kyi

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