So Embarrassed(7) (Look Can Decieve)

A man was carried into Emergency,
due to severe leg injury,
after falling off from his motorcycle
which wrecked in crumble.
Luckily his head didn't crack
for he wore a helmet.
He was heavily-built and strong.
His moustach, whisker and long.
Wearing leather jacket, tight jean and cowboy shoes,
on his arms were weired tattoos.
He was like a Rambo,
a muscular man of machismo.
But his painful screaming scared the shit out of silent night,
making sleeping birds wake up and fly away in a fright.
His broken leg needed an urgent operation,
as the blood circulation went into deterioration.
He was given iv drip and pain-killer in large dose.
Then the nurses took off his clothes
to wear him sterile surgical gown.
To their surprise he was found
wearing a pink lingerie,
lacy and sexy.
He looked so embarrassed
as the nurses felt so blush.

by U Win Kyi

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