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So Emotional, Yet So Numb
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So Emotional, Yet So Numb

And I burst with angry interjections
This outburst will be at love's fault
Take from me this emotion
if you must disect whichever organ it grows from with the rustiest of knives, let the blade turn red
I grasp the rose he left, leaving a scar for evrey thorn
My acquantance the pharmacist cannot fix the problem this time
The last time he became a solution I found myself facing the harsh realities of the consequences that would follow
I'm not one to repeat a mistake, and this decietful creature called love has once more poisoned my blood with its venomous containings
I stand taller on this box filled with my voice and beliefs
You desserve these spiteful words
You take fate hostage and experiment with an entire species, all the while
you take this freedom for granted
Keep your childish games and whatever it is that waters their satanic roots
Leave me where I sleep...

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