AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

So Far Apart

Why do we have to be, so far apart.
It's not the distance, that seperates our hearts.
If you matched the love, I have for you
Being closer together, would be easier to do.

Why do we have to be, so far apart.
Now it's the miles, that make it so hard.
Soon the distance won't keep us away,
With love in my heart, I wait for that day.

Why do we have to be, so very far apart.
You left my life, when he called, my angel did depart.
What seperates us now, is a trip through heaven's gate.
To see you once again, My lifetime, I must wait.

Why do we have to be, so far apart.
Living my life without you, is so very hard.
We've missed you so very much, during our time apart
I saved a place for you, right here in my heart.

It's not fair, the distance between our hearts, we share
I hope these words I write, to you, show how much I care.
Don't know the reasons, we must stay, so far apart
I'll just keep trying to get closer to your heart.

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