ST ( / Los Angeles)

So Far Away.

I look around me
to find nothing

I search high
and low,
to see
your face.

Tears of Joy
Tears of Sorrow
Tears of any kind of emotion
they're all because of you.

Why'd you have to
be so

Don't you know
that every day
I look
for you?

Can't you turn around
and see my hand
reaching out for

All I can see
is your back.

Because you're so
far away.

by Sylvia Thomas

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loved this poem~ Preets
So far away, far away, far away land... This be my saddened forlorn mispent dealt hand. Far reaching my saddened heart... Shocking paddles are needed for an unselfish caring, fresh new second chanced start. Pain does toil in my bodily system to commit way too much damage of spoil.... This is my final lifely royal like kingdom. This final song in my heart keeps singing it's song longly sad and achingly wrong... T'will'st this remain my final last swan song sung as singing? Yes dear reader of readings well poor... No more score so sore this last final score. Great piece of write so right, Ms. Light Of Souls-God bless all poets-MJG.