(as) You Dare

For you leave me with the doom
It seems that I'll be just every loon
And not said
Timing was always the strain
It always ties me upon in a chain
And I moan

Now I don't feel any more smart
A time is a-shoving
By here I'll go again
Yet all I can do now is frown.
Hurt now as you dare

A time when I sit on shelf
Guess all I can do now is seethe
A way of lies
Stuck trying to just shove
Even if you try to act like a dove.
Is it my shame?

Here I am screaming
A time doubt
By the fears
And the chances slowly disappears

Time goes as I wanted to try
Denial of access flies on further by
No way prepares
For all you do is always just strafe
As I wonder about a fate.
A way had stared

by Rich Downes

Comments (5)

If love could heal, we would all be whole - you are a font of goodness in every poetic form, Herbert! For anyone whose loved one has been near death: we understand.
Some of us find it easier to make a pact with the devil but a deal with God is probablymore fruitful... skilful indeed, and thought-provoking. Your writing is of such caring style, here, H. But I guess that is because of the nature of its author. t xxxxxxxxx
Skillful satire.
Whimsical? Perhaps. Serious? Maybe. But it is a poem to make you smile and think all the while. Nice. Raynette
Bargaining with God? I have to admit to doing that quite often......a wonderful poem Herbert! Hope you're doing fine! Sincerely, Mary